CimTrak is a comprehensive security, integrity and compliance application that is easy to deploy and scales to the largest of global networks. CimTrak’s automated detection process, flexible response options, and auditing capabilities make it a powerful compliance, information assurance and security tool. As an alternative to Tripwire® and other file integrity monitoring software, CimTrak provides an uparrelled feature set which is simple to use, yet comes at a budget friendly price.

Built around leading edge, proprietary, file integrity monitoring technology, CimTrak protects any type of file, whether it is a document, executable, script, application program file, or operating system file. It also monitors for changes to critical system and device configurations, as well as critical database components. CimTrak instantly determines when files and configurations are modified and, if desired, take instant, proactive action to correct the change and mitigate risk. With advanced ticketing capabilities, CimTrak differentiates good change from bad, allowing the focus to be placed on changes that truly need attention.