Varmour is the industry’s first distributed security system that provides insight and control for multi-cloud environments. With its patented software, vArmour micro-segments each application by wrapping protection around every workload – increasing visibility, security, and operational efficiency.


Network Visibility :Gain fine-grained Layer 7 visibility of all workload communications, even within the same hypervisor, that traditional perimeter security solutions cannot see.

APT Prevention: Continuously monitor all data center traffic patterns to identify suspicious or anomalous behaviors as well as the capability to divide the extensive data center environment into smaller, more protected zones or segments to reduce attack surfaces—all from one single system.

Broad Security Across Multi-Clouds:Secure workloads across multi-clouds (both private and public) by enabling organizations to extend and apply their own consistent, global policies and auditing across cloud vendors.

Environmental Separation: Segment workload and application communications based on environmental conditions even on the same shared infrastructure—whether isolating assets based on production versus non-production or by application tiers (web, application, database).

Compliance Assurance: Segregate regulated and non-regulated data on the same shared infrastructure to adhere to compliance mandates in any industry.

Rapid Breach Detection and Forensic Investigations: Garner context-aware security intelligence to detect


anomalous or malicious activity by quickly determining what machines, systems, and resources are involved in an attack, reducing forensic investigation time from days to minutes, and then systematically quarantining those workloads.