Business Intelligence

Today, the world is looking at insights beyond structured data. As organizations adopt technology to automate more processes and channels, new data sources like machine data become critical to take quick and accurate decisions. These data sources are being combined with structured data to provide valuable business insights in real time. Elite also provides solutions around structured data and complement it with solutions that can combine structured data to provide context to machine data. Such solutions can be used in many domains like business process, product, customer experience, digital marketing etc.

Business process analytics

Analytics solutions if implemented well enhance the organization’s ability to measure, monitor and optimize business processes and has a direct impact on revenue and customer satisfaction. With our approach we work towards enhancing customer experience, increase revenue, discover process bottlenecks, identify opportunities to optimize processes and perform real time continuous monitoring of business processes.

Product Analytics

As organizations start adopting digital channels for selling products, it will be key for them to understand adoption and usage of these products and services. This will help them improve product features and introduce new services.

Customer Experience Analytics

Customers interact with organizations over multiple channels. Organizations will benefit from a unified view of customer experience from these multiple channels. With appropriate solutions, we can understand and optimize the buyer’s journey across multiple channels and match it with structured customer information. This can help in increased revenues by identifying failed steps and deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Digital Marketing

As selling and marketing moves online, marketers need tools to analyze effectiveness of marketing campaigns, usage of various channels, improve acquisition of new customers and have the ability to integrate machine data with structured data to obtain unique insights.