Datacenter Infrastructure

Technology is the backbone of most businesses. The data center has become one of the most critical assets of most organizations and a significant amount of investment is required to create and maintain one. It is important to design and build datacenters to standards, to optimize use of resources and monitor and manage them optimally on a continuous basis. Elite’s Data Center services encompasses architecture and design, building the data center including both active (compute, storage, security, networking), passive components (air conditioning, power, fire detection and suppression, access control, flooring) and data center management systems require to monitor and manage both active and passive systems.
Elite has designed and built datacenter for multiple customers including active components like servers, storage, networking, firewalls, active directory, domain services, virtualization, email and messaging services and passive components of the infrastructure like raised flooring, air conditioning, power systems, fire detection and suppression systems, server room management systems etc.