Information Security Strategy, policies, standards and Management

With the rapid increase in information security related incidents and their complexity, it has become difficult for organizations to stay current in terms of skills required to address these issues and their complexity.

  • The attacker is changing colour and is adopting to cyber crime in a big way.
  • The number of attackers and entry points into the corporate network is larger with paradigms like mobile office, global enterprises, increase workforce mobility, outsourcing etc.
  • Dynamic and changing technologies add to the challenges of maintaining in-house skills.
  • The key is to monitor the policy controls in house with a combination of technology plus good process expertise (in an in-sourced/ out-sourced model). This aids in maintaining a balance of skills and ensures availability of support reactively as well as proactively during a crisis.

Our approach involves design, review, update, monitor policies, procedures, strategy, architecture, BC/DR/Cybersecurity incident management plans etc.