Data Leak Prevention

Over the last few decades enterprises have discovered the benefits of outsourcing, the work force and their location has become more global and employees have been job hunting more often than ever. This brings in new challenges for information security when todays employees could very easily become tomorrow’s competition, your consultant, your auditor and your sub-contractor could be working with your competitor as well. Elite’s unique grounds up approach help organizations deal with insider threats in a wholesome fashion looking at risk in the traditional way, building policies and deploying technologies to counter and manage those risks so that your aren’t caught blind sighted.
A DLP/IRM program requires a 360-degree view and it is important to get the approach right. Elite’s approach involves developing a data leak protection strategy starting from defining the program objective, identification of critical assets and the way they are used in the organization, deployment and management of data leak technology and integration with rights management. Our technology allows comprehensive data discovery, classification for accuracy, anytime, anywhere protection and flexible deployment options.