Datacenter Protection

The datacenter is the most critical asset an organization has. It holds critical data, information and applications that the organizations needs to run its day to day business. Hence, any threat to the datacenter can effectively stop the activities of the organization. Protecting the datacenter in today’s time requires a multi-pronged approach. Apart from protecting the datacenter with additional firewalls, organizations need to protect privileged identities, adequately patch servers, monitor east west traffic, deploy deception technologies to trap attackers, segment various workload, practice effective change management, track changes and constantly monitor attack surfaces to ensure datacenter security.

Elite helps deploy solutions to comprehensively protect data centers and make it difficult for attackers to compromise datacenters. Elite’s solution set to secure datacenters consists of the following components

  • Micro segmentation technology to isolate workloads and apply policies dynamically on virtual machines to ensure policies apply irrespective of where virtual machines are.
  • Patch management solution to ensure data centers are patched consistently.
  • Privileged identity management solution to protect privileged identities are protected.
  • Endpoint detection and remediation protection for servers
  • Two factor authentication technologies for secure access to datacenter components.
  • Security monitoring technology to monitor and correlate datacenter activities.
  • Deception technologies to create attractive targets for malicious attackers within datacenters and entrap them.
  • Behavior monitoring software to study patterns and behavior of infrastructure and identify potential anomalies.