Perimeter and Endpoint Protection

As cyber threats evolve, it becomes difficult for traditional protection systems to block infiltrations and unauthorized activity. Protection technologies can only protect organizations against known threats. So the strategy is to be able to protect against the Known and Detect and Remediate against the unknown. Elite helps implement protection technologies like Next Generation Firewalls & End point protection solutions like antiviruses.
Next Generation Firewalls combine multiple features like IPS, URL filtering, traditional firewall, gateway anti-virus, SSL VPNs etc. to provide holistic protection at the perimeter. These firewalls should also have the capability to integrate with monitoring systems in order for the monitoring systems to have the ability to correlate multiple events in the infrastructure.
The future of the traditional antivirus is bleak. Antivirus technologies have traditionally been able to block known threats at endpoints. However, in the face of persistent attacks and zero day malware, these anti-virus systems can no longer effectively protect organizations. Hence, there is a movement towards behavior-based analysis of activities at end-points. We provide Endpoint Detection and Remediation solutions to our clients to block any activities and applications that behave in a suspicious manner, allowing quarantining of effected end-points. Post quarantine, the solution allows investigation of the affected endpoint to track the malicious activity and the application causing this. The solution should also be capable of sending out alerts to other endpoints to watch out for the malicious application. Finally, the solution should be capable of cleaning up the affected end-point.
Apart from this, effective vulnerability and patch management strategy and solution is an absolute must. Over 90% of malwares exploit existing vulnerabilities in systems and regularly patching systems and applications (including third party applications) is an absolute must.